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Approved Universities

In most countries the word University is a protected name, and granted to institutions after significant demonstration of academic rigor and research scholarship.


Universities in the USA need to have a State license to issue degrees. Some licensing authorities are more stringent than others in issuing such licenses. After licensing, universities need to get their programs accredited, as an assurance of good quality. Usually the minimum time period from licensing to accreditation is two years. AECSA considers as "Approved Universities" only those universities that are accredited by the 5 regional accrediting agencies in the USA , or those that have a Government or Royal Charter such as a university in the UK or Australia would normally have.


For licensed universities to get AECSA “Approved” status, they must apply to AECSA for an academic audit of their degree programs. Only new universities that have programs that are of ‘accreditation level’ quality will be listed as an “Approved” university by AECSA.


The following university licenses and accreditations have been verified by AECSA, and the institutions have been listed as being AECSA Approved universities in the world where English is the principal mode of instruction (other languages such as Spanish, French and Mandarin will be incorporated later).


If you are an administrator for an university that has not been listed, but believe that you have ‘accreditation level’ programs, please  click here to have your university submitted to the AECSA approval process.



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