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AECSA is a non-profit organisation set up to investigate and categorise the educational standards of universities and professional organisations around the world.


AECSA also undertakes the ranking of universities and professional bodies by specialisation , either by itself or via the rankings published by leading educational providers. It is the most easily remembered name in the Higher-Education portal market.


AECSA also evaluates and approves Rankings provided by Educational organisations and the Media (e.g. Economist, Business Week, Boss Magazine, Financial Times, Asia Inc. for MBA programs).


Prospective users are advised to look carefully at the 'Ranking Methodology' used, and its suitability to user needs. For example some rankings are based on of academic or research performance, including alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, highly cited researchers, articles published in Nature and Science, articles indexed in major citation indices, and the per capita academic performance of an institution. Such a methodology may not be suitable if one wants to see which university provides good teaching or good professional development.

The Following Rankings Lists are approved by AECSA:


General Rankings Lists:



Specialist Rankings Lists: