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Obtaining Approval Status (Universities & Professional Bodies)

AECSA is a non-profit organisation set up to investigate and categorise the educational standards of universities and professional organisations around the world. Over the years it has investigated over 1,000 universities and professional bodies, and lists all that meet its high certification standards as "approved" organisations.


AECSA has surveyed all properly licensed and/or accredited Universities in the World where English is the principal mode of instruction (other languages such as Spanish, French and Mandarin will be incorporated later) and the claimed accreditations have been verified by AECSA.


AECSA has also surveyed over 500 Professional Bodies worldwide and developed a rating system of such professional bodies, based on its investigations, as follows:


Rating 1: Professional associations having strict membership criteria, including completion of state-of-the art education programs (usually at Masters Degree Level); strong recognition by employer groups; provision of substantial membership benefits and a strong mandatory continuing education development (CPD) program.


Rating 2: Professional associations having some educational requirements for membership (usually at undergraduate degree level); reasonably high recognition by employer groups; provision of good membership benefits and voluntary CPD requirements.


Rating 3: Professional associations having very open entry membership criteria, often with minimal level educational requirements (usually at trade school level or lower); a poor level recognition by employer groups; very basic membership benefits and almost no CPD requirements.


Universities and Professional organisations that are either not listed, or where there is disagreement with regards to the accreditation/rating level provided by AECSA are invited to contact AECSA via the request form to arrange for a review of their status. A fee will be charged on a cost recovery basis for conducting this review.


Please contact AECSA using the request form.