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Non Tradional Institutions

Non-traditional is a term referring to a certain category of tertiary educational institutions. Whilst there is no precise definition for a non-traditional educational institution, online or distance education, open entry, part-time studies and mature age are common elements that can be found in such institutions. There are excellent, high quality educational establishments that can be viewed as “Non-Traditional”, and AECSA has listed these as “Approved Universities”. Those institutions listed below have not as yet met AECSA’s quality criteria, although some manybe licensed by various State authorities. Many of these institutions give degrees with very little educational requirements or for ‘life experience’.


*Disclaimer: Many Internet based universities have names very similar (and sometimes the same) to genuine universities in other countries. Just because a university name appears on the lists below does not mean there isn't an accredited university of the same name.


Prospective students therefore should not accept or reject a university just because its name appears on a list provided by Unidegree.com, which takes no responsibility for prospective student actions due to the publication of the following lists.


Unidegree.com would welcome communication from universities whose names appear in these lists and are either genuinely accredited, or have been misclassified, and it will be happy to revise the list once the error is confirmed. Students should ask a university the following questions before making their choice of an education:


  • Does the university provide an address of a campus location (many unaccredited universities have only PO Boxes or mailing addresses)?


  • If the university states that it is an online university, does it clearly provide its authority (licence) to issue degrees?


  • If it is not an online university and  a campus location is given, do they have students at that campus? If so, how many? Do not be afraid of asking such questions.


  • Is the university a private university? Does the university have a license? Does it have accreditation? Who has provided this license or accreditation? Is the licensing or accrediting agency recognised by a government authority?


  • Is the university claiming to give degree purely for "Life Experience" without any formal coursework? Some students may actually want such an institition, but should be wart that degrees from such institutions may not carry much weight.


 Non-Traditional Institutions

Abraham Lincoln University
American Global University
American University of Hawaii
American University of London
American Pacific University
Asia Pacific International University
Berne University
Branden University
Calamus International University
California Coast University
California Pacific University
Central School of Religion (London and Indiana)
Central Pacific University
Century University
Chadwick University
Christian Leadership University
City University Los Angeles
College of Technology London
Colorado University of Naturopathic Medicine
Columbia Commonwealth University
Commonwealth Open University
Cornerstone University
Evangel Christian University of America
Frederick Taylor University
Greenleaf University
Greenwich University (Norfolk Island)
Hampton College
Heed University
Holos University
Honolulu University
Illawarra College
Intercultural Open University
International University of Professional Studies
ION University
Irish International University
Lacrosse University
Lincoln International University
Newport University
Pacific International University
Pacific Western University
Preston University
Robert Kennedy University
Rushmore University
St Clements University
St George University International
St John's University College of Medicine
St Mary's College of Medicine
Senior University International
Southern California University for Professional Studies
Southern Pacific University
Southwest University
Stratford College London
Transworld University
Tyndale College
University of Advanced Research
University of Santa Monica
Warnborough University
Westbrook University
Wisconsin International University
YUIN University
Zion University
American Institute for Computer Sciences
Barrington University
Concord College
Concordia College, Selma Alabama
Judson College, Marion AL
Troy State University
Troy State University - Dothan
Tuskegee University
United States Sports Academy
Alaska Bible College
Sheldon Jackson College
Apache University
Arizona International College
Grand Canyon University
Prescott College
University of Advancing Computer Technology
Western International University
Bienville University
College of the Ozarks
Harding University
Antioch College
Azusa Pacific University
Bethany Bible College
Bethany College, Scotts Valley, CA
California College for Health Sciences
California College of Arts and Crafts
California College of Podiatric Medicine
California Institute for Human Science
California Institute of Integral Studies
California Pacific University
California University of Pennsylvania
Claremont McKenna College
Coleman College
Harvey Mudd College
Institute for Transpersonal Psychology
Institute of Computer Technology
Marymount College
Mt. Sierra College
National University
Newport University (called Janus University now)
Notre Dame de Namur University
Pitzer College
Point Loma Nazarene College
San Francisco Art Institute
San Joaquin College of Law
San Jose Christian College
Simpson College, Redding California
Southern California University of Professional Studies
The Art Institute of Southern California
The Transworld University
University of La Vernee
University of the Pacific
Westminster Theological Seminary in California
Wright Institute