AECSA Audit Committee


AECSA was set -up as a non-profit quality supervision portal, so that the potential of the Internet to distribute educational products, services and information efficiently around the globe is not abused. Over the years it has investigated over 1,000 universities and professional bodies, and lists all that meet its high certification standards as "approved" organisations.


AECSA also lists universities and professional bodies that are of a dubious nature under headings such as "degree mills" and "non-traditional" institutions on this website.


AECSA also undertakes the ranking of universities and professional bodies by specialisation, either by itself or via the rankings published by leading educational establishments, newspapers and professional journals.


AECSA undertakes its own Student Satisfaction Surveys and also links to other surveys published in the media; and compiles Media Lists of International rankings (e.g. Economist, Business Week, Boss Magazine, Financial Times, Asia Inc. for MBA programs) of universities and degree programs from around the globe.


All of these surveys and compilations are carried out by the AECSA Audit Committee, members being drawn from leading universities and professional bodies from around the world.


Audit committee members are appointed for a specified period or to investigate a specific situation. All of the members give their time voluntarily. Because of potential litigation threats by various organisations from time to time aggrieved by their listing by AECSA as a Degree Mill or Non-Traditional university, the members of this committee are no longer listed on this web site.


AECSA, however, is happy to provide a list of those individuals and their associated institutions to any bona-fide establishment wishing to have its programs approved or rated.


The institutions from which AECSA has drawn its Audit Committee members over the years are as follows:


Australian National University

Bently College

Canberra University

Central Queensland University

Deakin University

Educatis University

Flinders University

Graduate School of Management

Griffith University

Macquarie University

Monash University

New York University

Singapore Management University

Swinburne University

Sydney University

University of Bradford

University of East Asia

University of Macau

University of Melbourne

University of New South Wales

University of Newcastle

University of Rhode Island

University of Richmond

University of South Australia

University of Sunderland

University of Washington

University of Wollongong

University og Hong Kong

Victoria University of Wellington