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Advice Desk (for Individuals seeking Educational Advice)


Today, Education is a true “knowledge industry” in which its providers (Universities and Professional organisations), potential users (Students and other Professionals) and other third parties are all technologically sophisticated and very heavy users of the internet.


The Unidegree web-site was set -up as a non-profit quality supervision portal, so that the potential of the Internet to distribute educational products, services and information efficiently around the globe is not abused. Whilst some educational products are of high quality, many educational providers provide “sham” degrees and certifications that hoodwink both potential students and the employers of such students. It not only links high-quality local/focused suppliers with international/focused customers who require information on Universities  and Professional Bodies Worldwide, but also lists all of the known Degree Mills and Non-Traditional Institutions educational and professional establishments.


AECSA also undertakes the ranking of  Universities  and Professional Bodies by specialisation, either by itself or via the rankings published by educational establishments, newspapers and professional journals.


This Portal is designed and marketed as the first point of reference for those wishing to partake in this knowledge industry globally. AECSA's website, Unidegree.com is the most easily remembered name in the Higher-Education portal market.


If prospective student cannot find the specific information they are seeking amongst the 100's of linked websites of this portal, AECSA provides tailor-made Course information on a fee-for-service basis.



Please contact AECSA here .